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  • More then 'Just Your Team' – in a snapshot ...

    What are your corporate photos saying about you?

    If you are investing in the marketing of your organisation, it might be worth taking the extra step to think about your photography ... and your team photos are worth the investment.

    One of the first points of contact between you and your client will be your website or brochure ... and yes, those mugshots. Be sure the impression they leave – is a great one.

    Just getting a professional photographer onboard isn't always the best move either.

    If you are working with a creative team, make sure you work with your art-director who is not only familiar with your marketing collateral, but they will take your brand strategy and vision into consideration when planning the photo-shoot.

    They might also be able to work additional 'shots' into the photo-shoot which you will be able to add to your photo-library and use across your future marketing collateral, reducing the need for you to do additional shoots – or being tempted to use stock-photography which only dilutes your brand in the long run. 

    Featured Image – part of a photo-shoot with the Outback Initiatives team.

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