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  • A mentor's hat at Startup Weekend

    I'm not a stranger to the Startup Weekend concept. When #SWP landed in perth two years ago, I leapt head first into the 54 hours of madness and the big unknown ... and as it turned out, I signed up to follow a random pitch by Kevin Brown, the mad Scotsman, who wanted to concoct a "Machine that predicts the future".

    Looking around the room at some of the other completely plausible ideas pitched, this one was clearly MAD - we all knew this. But our collective openness to actually come together and see if we can make something of this and learn something along the way, meant we really did go through an extraordinary mind bending, (sleep deprived) experience ... and after the 54 crazed hours, we emerged as the now infamous 'Team Pivot' with an idea that evolved into something that wasn't that mad after all, actually raising a few curiosities amongst the judges, and in its fundamentals holding the principal of 'predicting the future' of fashion ...  "SupermodelME".

    No it didn't end up going anywhere, and that isn't always the point ... but the Startup Weekend Concept which is brought to Perth by Spacecubed, does in fact offer a unique environment for an innovative collective of Entrepreneurial brains to come together and CREATE.

    This coming weekend I'm joining the madness from a different perspective – as a mentor.

    I know how valuable mentors were to our team throughout the insane process. The reality is, that with the right guidance for some of these Entrepreneurs who seed ideas on the weekend, some really incredible things ARE possible in those 54 hours with the potential of sparking the beginnings to some huge success stories. I can't wait to see what emerges from this weekend ... so let the fun begin!