• Big Deal - Aneta Wnek SME profile in the West Australian

    In case you missed it - here's my SME Profile that appeared in The West Australian's BIG DEAL magazine 14 October 2014.

    It's always an interesting exercise trying to give concise answers to a series of questions in a way which is insightful and of value to the reader (sure I ask my clients to do this all the time! #karma)  

    ... feel free to let me know what you think ...  

  • Seek inspiration ... often

    Another fantastic TedXperth – an event that brings together some fabulous local and international minds where they share some truly inspirational insights. 

    From Adam Johnson's seeding of ideas about opportunities in garbage, Peter Newman's light on the shifting trends towards a sustainable world, to probably my favourite speaker - the very amusing Ernesto Sirolli who's experiences have taught him lessons all entrepreneurs and philanthropists could benefit from - Want to help someone ? Shut Up and Listen.



  • An exciting delivery !

    I'm sure I'm not alone is saying this:

    "I swear the hardest things to design - are the things for myself !"

    But my long awaited business cards have just been delivered and they look fabulous on their uncoated stock with the spot varnish coming out just the way I'd hoped .. so now to put them to good use ...

    STOCK : Neenah Classic Smooth Solar White

  • Celebrating the vibrancy of Oniria

    A language school with a difference, Oniria are a fabulously engaging organisation that really immerse their students and the local communitiy in not just the Spanish and Portuguese languages, but the actual latin culture by sponsoring local events and international expeditions.

    With all this energy in mind, their brand was in need of an injection of vibrancy ... starting with a banner – freshly printed and ready to make it's way to the Latin American Film Festival for the opening ...

  • The power of 'your' photography in business

    Here's a blog I wrote in my role as Creative Director at key2creative aiming to help shed light on the value for organisations in building their own quality photo resources – definitely food for thought for any business ...

    "We all know ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – so why is it that so many organisations find it so challenging to justify building their own image resources?

    The lure of easy access to photo libraries and phone cameras is often clouding the opportunity for companies to build their brands and tell their amazing stories through their own quality photography. It could be said that in many cases, these choices have actually undermined the valuable work these organisations do in the eyes of the consumers.

    In the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, recent changes in legislation around ‘Consumer Directed Care’ have shifted the landscape, creating a very competitive market. This in turn, has fueled re-branding activities amongst these organisations. Interestingly, taking a closer look at the various marketing collateral produced across the sector, you will find that some of the smiling faces featured, can be found frequenting more than one of these facilities at the same time. How is that possible? How are the same images used across different organisations, communicating an authentic message to the public?

    It has to be said that the delicate nature of some of the work NFPs do in our community, doesn’t always lend itself to being photographed or communicated through imagery easily ... but with a little planning, it can, and is, being done. Even if you don’t think you can afford a ‘photo shoot’, most organisations, during the course of a year, hold events or gatherings which present perfect opportunities for photography.

    Building your image library doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise either, however, it is worth working with someone who knows what they are doing ... and if you are looking to get the most out of the photos you end up with in your branding and marketing collateral, it's worth engaging your creative agency and an art director before you start snapping.

    Featured : Photo-shoot for Meerilinga's Toddler Tucker 'Grow Us Up Strong!' with campaign ambassadors David Wirrpanda, Sharon Mcguire and their children Marley and Eli being art-directed by Aneta Wnek of key2creative.

    You only get one opportunity to get the most out of an event or a photo-shoot. Your images will reflect the mood of not only your day but also the mood your photographer and the individuals directing the photography. With the right considerations, a collection of relevant, powerful images can kick start your organisation’s photo library, marketing material and campaigns.

    Images can transform the perception of your organisation by communicating the unique story of your people and who you are – so isn't it worth doing well?"